Romance writer. Globetrotter. Total curmudgeon.

My chequered work history includes time as a computer programmer, a phone psychic, a mystery shopper, a community television star, a maker of psychedelic fake fur handbags and wielding a machete on a vegetable production line. Then I found out this really amazing thing. I could actually earn a living writing books. Now I travel the world, playing with my imaginary friends.

I grew up in a small town in Tasmania, if you could say I grew up at all. I hope never to return there.

My loves include bears, Korean BBQ, polka dots and pretty dresses. My musical loves are dominated by Arashi. My literary tastes include John Irving, Haruki Murakami and F. Scott Fitzgerald.

I was going to include a FAQ section until I realised the question I am most frequently asked is 'does this tram go to Melbourne Uni?'

Travel is awesome.  Time on my own is awesome too.

If the thought of a night in a dorm filled with travellers who want to be insta-friends and tag along on your adventures makes you curl into a little ball and cover your head with a pillow, you've found the right place.  I believe that introverts should travel on their own terms without being told to come out of their shell. 

Like any blog, my emphasis is on the places I've lived and travelled.  I can hardly write about somewhere if I haven't been there.  I am an Australian.  I've travelled most extensively in Japan but also been to Europe and Asia. 

I don't subscribe to conventional wisdom without testing it for myself.  I wouldn't regurgitate advice that is on a thousand other blogs just because that's what everyone says.  I don't sugarcoat things and rave with unbridled enthusiasm about any product or destination (unless I really, really love it).  

I believe in travelling light, travelling well and making precious memories.

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