Tsukiji Fish Market

Ages ago, the family friend of my housemates (who comes over once a week or so to do renovations on the house) said he wanted to take us to Tsukiji Market.  Saturday was the day.  Lots of eating, even for me who doesn't eat much fish and lots of fun.

First we stopped for a big bowl of ramen.  You'd think a bowl of ramen would be more than enough!  We actually couldn't finish it.  Got talking to some guys here from Canada - they are wrestlers but their fight got cancelled so just here on holidays. 

Next up, grilled seafoods.

Extra yummy even for me.  I had a big grilled scallop. 

Finally, I don't have a photo but we went to a cafe upstairs from the stalls.  More food, a tray filled with bowls of things to try including baby sardines.  Plus coffee.  The cafe looked like it had hardly changed since the 50s.  All up, pretty awesome. 

I'm glad I got made to go to the market because I'd have not gone on my own.  I thought it would be boring and fishy but it ended up being pretty damn awesome.
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