Dear Japan

Just before you ask again, I can eat natto.  It's not my favourite food in the world but, if someone serves it up to me, I'm okay with it.

Even though I'm a Westerner, I can use chopsticks and frequently did while living in Australia.  I also ate spicy foods quite often and enjoyed them.  I can probably handle eating kimchi much more than you can.

I do have the ability to order simple things like wine and beer at a bar -- it's not so difficult.  I don't see why that would be amusing. 

There are some things I don't understand about your country - like why it's necessary to go to the hospital when you have a cold.  And AKB48.  And why you think your country is so multicultural (compared to what?)

The coffee and the need to take out a bank loan to buy cheese... I think you need to work on that.

Other than that, I think you are pretty swell.

Love, Kathryn

ps. Sorry I mocked your heated toilet seats.  I'm really beginning to appreciate them now.
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