Love Hotel

I realised that, when I wrote about my 'date' last week, I missed out some important stuff you probably want to know.  Not the down and dirty bits - they aren't getting posted on the internets for all the world to read - but about the love hotel.

I'm not sure about other people but I am totally fascinated by love hotels.  I think most Westerners are.

Okay so the place we went to was nothing like the bondage Hello Kitty room pictured above or any of those other wacky themed places you can read about on the internet.  It was a very plain, neighbourhood love hotel run by a very momsy woman.  Like if they did a version of "the people in your neighbourhood" on Japanese Sesame Street, they'd be singing "the love hotel owner is a person in your neighbourhood..." along with everyone else.

He seemed pretty familiar with the place, which was a bit offputting at first but hell, the dude is 40 years old and lived in the same area all his life and definitely not a virgin so it isn't that surprising really.  It's not like he had a points card or anything.

So we go into the lobby and wait to get served.  There is a nice a basket of candy on the reception desk.  Such a nice touch.  There was a rack of shampoo and conditioner bottles.  I'm not sure if you can just help yourself and take them to your room or if they are for sale.  If I go there again, I want to find out because they have Tsubaki on the rack which I normally use but the shampoo in the room is just generic and crap.

So anyway, I'm standing there with him and a couple comes out of the lift and I'm checking them out because I'm a total stickybeak and they are a couple coming out of a room at a love hotel.  Who wouldn't check them out?  Just like when you see dudes in Melbourne coming out of the discreet back entrance of Club X, you check them out, right?  And maybe sometimes, in a loud voice say "OMG you are coming out of the discreet back entrance of Club X!!!"

Maybe that's against love hotel ettiquette or something.  I don't know.  They don't teach us that at Japanese school.  Anyway he leads me into this little room with lace curtains.  It's the discreet waiting room.  It looks like it was decorated by the CWA.  There is a couch and a dvd player and some magazines and you are all hidden away so that while you are waiting for your man to get the shit organised you aren't standing around looking like a dirty ho that's gagging for it.  Well I assume that's the purpose.

As I'm sitting and waiting, I notice a display case filled with bulbous objects.  I'm trying to peek around the lace curtain to check them out.  Of course, being a love hotel, I assume they are some kind of wack vibrators or other sex toys.

He comes to get me and I ask him about the display.  He tells me they are rocks.  The love hotel owner collects rocks from around the world and displays them in the cases in the foyer.  That is so sweet, it makes me want to cry.  That is also the point were I realise he's been here before (okay I kinda realised that when we had to get a cab to a specific love hotel when they are on practically every street).

We get in the lift.  I'm starting to wonder if our relationship is getting jaded because the first time, we were making out the whole time in the lift.  This time he asks me what I'm chewing and I tell him one of the lollies from the counter and he punches me on the arm for not getting him one.

I'd have taken photos to show you the room but I didn't take my camera.  Also I think, "just wait while I take photos to post on blog" are NOT words a guy wants to hear before sex.

As I said before, it was a very basic room.  We got a bed, a small table and chairs, a sink and a unit bathroom.  We didn't even get a genkan - we had to take our shoes off in the room.  The bar fridge had a bottle of oolong tea and you had to phone for anything else you wanted.

In fact, the only difference between this and a regular hotel room was that the ceiling was painted with clouds.  Oh and there was porn on the TV.  But it was really, really bad porn and all the rude bits were fuzzed out. 

The unit bathroom is particularly fun because you can splash around and shower without having to worry on account of the entire room being waterproof.  I did get to have a bath massage which was incredibly nice.  And sweet.

But there were no sex toys, no bondage equipment, no kinky stuff at all.  And only TWO condoms.  If you want more, you have to call down and ask for them!

The next morning, he tidied the room.  Every time I start thinking he's a jerk, I remember that he tidied the love hotel before we left ...

The next morning he paid and we took off down the street.  He put his hand in his pocket and pulled out two lollies he'd gotten out of the basket on the counter and handed me one.
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