Japanese Medicine

Since I'm feeling a bit perkier today, I thought I'd post up some photos of my Japanese medicine.  This is what you get here for simple bronchitis.  The photo above isn't even all of it either.

In the top right hand corner is some white powder in little plastic bags.  I was a bit wary of this because you don't get white powder at the chemist at home (normally that's obtained in the dingy back alley of some nightclub... so I've heard).  This is to settle my stomach but I've not actually taken it since my stomach hasn't really needed settling.  I haven't taken the gargle either because I hate gargling.

What I do like is that instead of giving you a full box of tablets you only get the amount you need.  I hate having all those half used boxes of tablets in the bathroom cabinet.  What do you do with them?  You can't throw them out and you can't take them.  I think some chemists have bins for them but the only time I go to a chemist is when I'm sick so I'm not thinking about disposing of my old medicine.

All of this came with a handy instruction sheet.

I think this is why I had to wait so long for my medicine, so they could make the handy instruction sheet.  If I was super organised, I could write when I've taken which medicine.

I was going to add in an outfit of the day post so you can see how I look when I'm sick but I thought that would be a bit scary!