Whirlwind decadance tour of Tokyo begins!

My best buddy Simon gets to Tokyo tomorrow morning.  I'm so excited.  He lives in London and I've not seen him for a long time (well actually maybe around 6 months when he was in Australia). 

I've got a whirlwind tour planned since he's only in town for 4 days.  I want to show him everything.  I want to rip the guts out of Tokyo and show him "this is my city, this is why I love it."

We have a huge night out planned for Saturday in the seedy underbelly of Shinjuku.  Hopefully that will go well.  I do find that when you plan a huge night, normally you are ready for bed at 11 pm.  It's the nights you just go out for "one drink" you have to watch.

The tour will take in other standards such Harajuku, Shibuya and Asakusa.  Hopefully we will have time for a few out of the way places too.

The most exciting thing though is that I will have someone in town that speaks my language.  Not just someone who speaks English.  Not even someone who speaks Australian English.  But someone who is fluent in Kathryn.  Hells, we trained for a half marathon together.  If you can't spill your guts out to someone who's run beside you for hundreds of gruelling training kms, who can you talk to?

So, in with the drinking and eating will be loads of talking.  Getting gripes and worries off my chest and definitely getting a fresh perspective on what's important.
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