Fukuoka and Hiroshima

In Fukuoka now.  The trip on the local trains was pretty easy and even though it took 6 hours, not unpleasant.  Good way to see the country.

I went out in Hiroshima last night.  Had the same problem as before - not sure which of the bars are hostess clubs.  It can be pretty intimidating if you are a women, not local and on your own.

I was about to go home when I saw a bar called Uncle Kazu.  Thought I'd give it a go.  I was the only customer and it was pretty much like going to visit your favourite uncle.  We talked for ages about discrepancies in the Japanese and English languages, the history of manzai comedy and all manner of things.  I highly recommend it.

I'm not sure what I'll do on my first night in Fukuoka.  It's wet and yuck.  I have booked a massage in my room for later.  My legs are screwed from travel and walking.  I only bought two pairs of shoes with me - one with heels, the other a pair of converse that cut into my toes at that bit where the rubber joins at the front.  I'd buy a pair of comfy shoes if it wasn:t for the fact that I have two pairs I bought online waiting for me at home.
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