I feel like I haven't made the most of my time in Fukuoka.  I did manage to get to the famous ramen street last night with the ramen carts on the street (yatai) and had awesome ramen - and water glasses filled with sake. 

Today I went out of town to meet a friend I've been doing language exchange with for a few years online.  So amazing to actually meet in person.  Then I'd planned to visit a famous shrine on the way back.  Everyone has been telling me to go to this shrine.

I had to catch a bus from one train line to the other.  Now I'm not sure if I caught the wrong bus or if I missed the station (we stopped at another station but it wasn't the station named in my tourist map).   So I panicked and got off the bus.  I tried to explain to the driver about being on the wrong bus but he was just looking at me like - I want to kill you ... and your gibberish Japanese.   Then I had to pay 300 yen fare but I only had a 10,000 yen note.  Luckily, I found a 500 yen coin or he truly would have killed me and my body would have been found in a ditch on the outskirts of Fukuoka.

Lesson learnt - don't just hop on random buses,  well okay it did work out fine yesterday when the random bus took me to the Johnnys shop and I took that as a sign that fate wanted me to buy Arashi photos.

Tonight has been low key.  I went to the train station.  Hakata station is pretty amazing though.  It only opened a few months ago and has a shopping centre and a damn cool rooftop garden -- with a dog run!

I'm going back to Tokyo tomorrow.  Not all the way - that would be impossible on the local trains, but as far as I can.  Either Kobe or Nagoya depending on how early I wake up.   I found out today that the Sky Tree reached it's full height this week.  It's like finding out your baby took it's first steps while you were at work or something.  I'm not leaving Tokyo until the Sky Tree is complete.
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