Have decided to head to Hiroshima for the weekend.  Just trying to find a hotel atm. 

I really want to go to Kobe while I'm in the Kansai region but worried that might be tempting fate.  Wish I'd never watched that damn docu-drama on the Kobe earthquake.

I forgot to mention, when I went to Osaka castle, I met a guy who told me there are 300 stray cats at the castle.  He feeds some of them.  He introduced me to one called Shiro (who was actually black AND white) and her sons - Choco and Caramel.  He reminded me of the old man in Kafka on the Shore and I would not have been at all surprised if he could talk to the cats. 

Arrghh need to go to the toilet but these shoes are so hard to get on and off and I'd have to put on bathroom slippers.
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