Got to Hiroshima today after catching the local trains - lots of train changes.  At one point, I feel asleep then woke to find everyone getting off the train and rushing  to catch another one.  I followed them then realised I left my scarf and book on the first train.  As we were pulling out of the station, I saw the guard on the other train pick up my scarf.  Oh well it was a cheapie.

Then I realised I wasn't actually sure where the train was going, just had to trust it was Hiroshima bound.  I got here so worked out well.

Had been debating going out or staying in tonight. . I feel buggered but didn:t want to waste my time either since I only have two nights here.  Ended up going out for okonomiyaki and now back to the hotel to do laundry.

I often find, when walking around 'entertainment districts' in Japan, I can't tell the difference between hostess bars and real ones.  Also the bars where you get charged just to sit there.  I might do some research and head out tomorrow.

Looks like I have to be back in Tokyo on Wednesday so need to plan my return journey.  The hardest part about the local train thing is having to change trains so often and waiting between trains.  Otherwise it's a great way to see the country.  Coming into Hiroshima is especially beautiful.
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