I think there is something strange about the hotel I'm staying at.  When I got here yesterday, I thought the decor looked a bit wacky - it's like host club meets maiden aunt.  Lots of gold fittings and marble floors but then ceramic ornaments - clowns, cats and the like - sitting around everywhere.  There is a relaxation space that is fitted out like a ye olde English library but the books are all manga.

Everything is rather grand but in a not quite right way.

So last night, I thought I'd stay in my room and watch tv.  They have the pay to watch channels in the room so thought I'd have the possibility of an English language movie.  Wrong.  It's all adult channels!

Then I was up and down in the lift because I wanted to do my laundry and realised most of the guests here are men.  Well all the other guests that I've seen.  They are all staying on different floors to their friends too.  Is that weird?  Maybe it is, I'm not sure.  Maybe it's because there are some smoking and non-smoking floors.

So I woke up this morning and realised the closest thing on the bedside table to the bed is a big box of tissues.  I was like why are the tissues so close... OMG... urrrgghh!

I'm starting to think this place is like a love hotel for the truly desperate - a Beat-Off Hotel.  Or maybe all business hotels are like this.  Who knows?
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