Japan Travel Plans

The other day, I asked for travel suggestions for Japan.  It seems Kyushuu is a popular choice.  At the time, my main worry was money.  Transport is so expensive in this country.  I envy anyone who comes here as a visitor with their fancy-schmancy JR pass.

Then I found out about the Seishun Juhachi kippu.  This is a pass that gives you 5 non-consecutive days of travel for a very reasonable price.  I kind of knew about this before but it's only available at certain times of the year.  Luckily one of those times is during my spring break. 

* Just to digress here, but thank you Arrested Development for making me want to flash my boobs every time I hear the words "spring break".

So now travel is way within my budget, I have another issue.  Time.  The Seishun Juhachi kippu doesn't allow for flash travel like the shinkansen so I have to take the slower trains.  I have to be in Tokyo until 11am on Thursday mornings and I have to be back Monday morning.  I think there is a Monday holiday in there so I could actually go and, if I move my private students' lesson times around, not need to be back until Wednesday afternoon.  I think that is do-able.

It takes just over a day of constant, well timed travel to get to Fukuoka.  I could break that up with a stop-over somewhere.  Kobe for some beef maybe.
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