Kyoto today

I'm planning to go to Kyoto today, might not happen if I don:t leave the hotel though. Have you ever wanted to live in a real life Porkies movie? If 
so, this is the hotel for you.  Full of dumbarsed frat boy types.

Last night they were all in one room drinking, cos that:s the way to enjoy yourself on holidays - get a bunch of tinnies and cram into a small room at your backpackers getting drunk - and were noisy as hell.

I played mum and went down and asked them to quieten down a bit.  Very nicely,just reminding them that other people were staying in the hotel too.  They were quiet after that - until 5.30 this morning when they were getting ready to leave.  

At least they are checked out now.

Last night was weird.  Went looking for food and met a Tunisian guy who took me to an Irish bar.  Strange guy.  Then a Japanese girl turned up.  Got the feeling he’d asked her out and she:d said no then turned up anyway.  She was giving me jealous looks and he was ignoring her.  She did give me a strawberry garland though and I wore it on my wrist.

So I left them to it but on the way back to the hotel, I met the best looking guy in the world spruiking for a bar.  Had to go in for a drink or
two didn:t I.

I was going to upload my photos but forgot the cord.  You:ll have to wait for the 2000 pics of plum blossoms at Osaka castle.  I know, sorry.
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