Japan is a safe country?

When you live in Japan, there are things you hear all the time.  Like Japan has 4 distinct seasons and Japanese taste food differently.

You also hear all the time that Japan is a safe country and, in many ways it is.  I once saw a dude passed out drunk on the side of the street with his wallet hanging out of his back pocket and no one even thinking about lifting it.  I've seen people leave their wallets on the tables outside coffee shops to reserve their seats while they go in and order.  The chances of being held up at knife or gun point are low.

But, when people say that, they are totally ignoring sex crimes.  Most people living outside Japan have heard of chikan - the guys that "grope" women on the crowded trains here.  It's become a bit of a jokey Japanese stereotype.

Underneath that though, it's a serious crime.  I've spoken to a few Japanese friends who've had experiences with chikan and it's not just coping a cheap feel (although being felt up by some dirty old perv would be bad enough), it includes guys trying to stick their hands in your undies or getting their cock out masturbating.

While there have been measures to stop this, such as women only carriages on trains, I think the problem is just the tip of a huge iceberg of girls being sexualized in this country.  And, when I say girls, I mean girls under the age of 18.   The amount of soft porn freely available here featuring underage girls is scary (there may be hard porn too but I don't have some guy sitting beside me on the train reading that).

On top of that, when chikan is discussed there seems to be as much attention on the "poor" wrongly accused guy -- because there was ONE case of mistaken arrest proven in court -- than on the thousands of girls that are sexually abused.

And, while there seems to be this surface of concern and measures being taken (like the women only carriages), it does only seem to be surface deep.  The guys doing this are salarymen, the 'regular joes' of Japanese society.  Regular guys who have absolutely no concept of women being actual human beings or anything other than something to stick their cock (or to wank over).

In Australia (and most Western countries), if a guy tried something like this, the girl rip him a new arsehole and there'd be people jump in to help here. Here girls are raised to shut up, look cute and buy some more Hello Kitty shit. People look away and don't want to get involved.

There are many things I love about this country, but you shouldn't ignore that there is some really disturbing shit that happens too.  There is practically no care for the mental ill and a huge stigma attached to mental illness.  People keep so much crap bottled up inside them because they are raised to be in control and not get angry and not complain, that starts oozing out in strange ways.

So the next time someone says Japan is a safe country, what they actually mean is the chances of their wallet being stolen or them getting into a fight is very low but, if their teenage daughter gets jizzed on at some point in school life (and apparently 70% of Japanese high school girls have been attacked by these perverts), then that's okay.
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