Tokyo is a lonely city

I can imagine if you landed here for a eikaiwa job with a bunch of other Westerners, it would be okay especially if you were just out of uni and after some adventure.  But, I'm finding otherwise it's a hard place to make friends.

Tonight I went to a bar I go to sometimes.  It's kind of weird.  They make such an effort to talk to me but I feel it's just that - an effort, so I feel guilty for going there.  But they seemed glad I came in tonight.   And I don't need constant conversation or amusement... if you are forcing yourself to talk to me, I'd rather be alone.

Then an old guy came in and made me do karaoke with him.  That was fun for a while.  But I'm still home and feeling lonely.  It's a tough city.  People say they want to keep in touch but you don't know how much is manners and how much is sincere and when you are the one making all the effort and doing all the inviting, it wears thin after a while.

I'm not sure what to do.  Keep on as I am.  Make hobbies.  Talk to people as much as I can.  Some people seem to live in this city without learning any Japanese but I feel like no matter how much I learn, it's not enough.

On a positive note, the old guy that came into the bar tonight, said to the master without knowing I could understanding that seeing a foreigner who hadn't left Japan after the earthquake made him really happy -- that nearly made me cry.
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