Just got into town... my hotel booking is supposed to include breakfast.  The receptionist says it doesn't.  She can:t speak any English.. my booking confirmation is all in English.  I:m trying to log onto the Japanese version of the Rakuten site to get the details in Japanese but it won:t load.  Arrgghh... not sure whether to just pay for breakfast now and sort it out when I get home or deal with it now.  Either way, I:m not missing out on my free breakfast, fuckers.

Also why do people in Japan think it:s ok to let their kids run screaming around hotel corridors?  This is maybe the 4th or 5th time I've stayed in a hotel where that has happened.  The grandmother did make a token effort of shhhing when I came out and gave them a dirty look.  It:s never happened to me anywhere else but seems to always be the case here.

Edit: breakfast is sorted.  I think I am turning into a princess living here cos I was most annoyed that there was no bowing or even a `gomen`.  

Now I'm planning to go out and pick up tonight... that pretty much guarantees I won:t now that I:ve said that.  Although the hotel does seem to be full of rowdy drunken men.

Arrgghh am waiting for my washing to dry... how boring, but travelling in this humid weather is hard. It:s either pack a ton of stuff, do laundry or stink. Might try the hotel bar while I*m waiting then it's off to the Showa era food vendor street.