Dear girl on the Yamanote Line on Friday night

Maybe I am wrong, maybe the government of this country has appointed random white chicks to be the upholders of the 'shit Japanese people can hear being discussed on a late night train' code but I'm pretty certain that is in fact NOT the case.

I am also pretty certain that the folk on the train at that time of night that had the English knowledge and sobriety to work out what we were discussing, probably wouldn't be that offended by it.  I mean, I can't talk for every drunken Japanese person on the train but I've found people here aren't that coy about discussing bodily functions.

Also, it has been particularly humid in Tokyo of late and I'm sure most people, in whatever language have been discussing topics such as sweat and the best type of deodorant to use.  I may not be well versed in social graces but I don't think that is particularly offensive.  Maybe if we'd been say discussing the effects of humidity on our respective girl/boy bits in graphic detail, you'd have a case.

The only bit of sound judgement you used was mentioning the inappropriateness of discussion to my friend and not me as he was far too polite to rip you a new arsehole.  You are also lucky he did not tell me what you said until you got off the train.

But really, I would like to know on what authority you are basing your THIS IS OFFENSIVE TO THE JAPANESE PEOPLE ON THE TRAIN rant. 
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