Holiday advice?

My question of the day is this:

If you are on holidays, what do you do at night?  Not the gory personal details of your dirty weekend but, say you are on holidays alone and you want to do something other than sit in a bar drinking, what do you do?

I guess it's hard for me to know because even at home, if I go out, it's to drink.  Or maybe eat without drinking sometimes or to see a movie.  But that's the limit to my imagination.

Surely there are other, interesting, things people do on hols?  

Anyway, I didn't do nearly as much as I intended in Aomori because a lot of places were hard to get to without a car and the public transport isn't great.  Most of the buses only go every hour or so on weekends.  Still I got really into the museum where they made the floats for the Nebuta festival -- then went down to the waterfront and saw the actual work in progress.  One guy let me go in and check out his float as well.

They are pretty fascinating and I was thinking of going back for the festival - but it'd be crowded and awful.  I think the actual process of making things is more interesting to me than the results.

Super delicious rice bowl lunch.  I thought I'd bought more fish than I did (because I was balancing the pickles on top and couldn't actually see it.

Awesome lady who sold me the pickles.  She was totally sweet and so tiny.

Delicious Aomori style ramen.

If you want to see my holiday photos, I have them up on facebook - Niigate and Akita // Aomori.  You don't have to friend me (but you can if you want).  I hate people who absolutely drown their site in holiday snaps so I'm trying to keep it basic.
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