Miracle Jump - Boy Love Cafe

Yesterday I met up with the awesome Jared from Tokyo Moe to explore the supposedly seedier side of Akihabara. 

Ok I'd heard about this place called Miracle Jump, which is a boy love cafe (based on the whole boy love manga theme) and wanted to know what it was all about.  I was expecting it to be like a maid cafe but with extra gay. 

We found the cafe building and worked out how to open the door (that took a while) and entered the world of BOY LOVE.

There were 4 boys working at the cafe.  Kind of cute, kind of young (I'm assuming they were over 20 years old though because they were serving alcohol).  They were dressed in various forms of cuteness.  We couldn't take photos because the rules are you can take photos of your table - the food and drinks etc but not the staff.  Maybe when they become mid-career salarymen at Toshiba they don't want photos of their boy love years floating around?

We tried to read the menu.  Lots of kanji and lots of weird names for things.  Like the "boy love" beer.  It's actually Heiniken - apparently the boy love beer of choice.  And the "man mountain" (well that was the kanji used) - more like sake. 

The system is that it's 1000 yen to sit in the cafe for 90 minutes enjoying the boy love plus whatever you spend on drinks and food.  We ordered our drinks and waited for the boy love.

This is where the whole system kinda falls down.  There is NO boy love.  None.  No kissing.  No holding hands.  Not even a bit of eye fucking. 

Boy love - it's more like boy like.  Or maybe even "boy I put up with you because we work together."  They did give us some boy love manga to look at but that was it.  We tried to get some boy love happening to get our money's worth but they just weren't up for it.

We also asked about the Miracle Jump manga.  Apparently it's not a real manga, it's like the fictional 2d staff of the cafe and they are the 3d staff or something like that. 

After our 90 minutes were up, we definitely weren't paying for another 90.  Miracle Jump, boys love cafe.  Not good enough.  It's just like a regular cafe with a couple of dudes working at it.  Not recommended.  If you want to see boy love, you are better off watching young guys on the train -- or Arashi concerts.
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