More Aomori

Didn:t pick up last night... instead I got dinner and even failed miserably at eating regional specialty foods.  I ended up at a Chinese place for some reason.  I think that was the nearest place when my stomach said it could take no more.  Then wandered around looking for a bar.  Went into one place just randomly.  It was a mum and pop bar with no customers and they seemed to resent me coming in and disturbing them.

After that, wasn:t sure what to do - I hate going into bars when you can:t see what they are like from the street, which is most bars in Japan.  It was only 10.00 so I ended up going to the karaoke place. 

Oh and getting incredibly lost!  Thanks to my mad map reading skills, I found my way back though.

Decided to pop into a Hawaiian bar near the hotel.  Very cute barman and they were all wanting to give me recommendations of where to go in Aomori.  One of the barman was very friendly indeed and walked out with me when I left.  I never know what is happening in situations like that... he did seem very friendly but then he also looked like an ex-host so it might have been part of the service.

So today I slept in -- and missed out on my free breakfast. 

Did lots of sightseeing and had an awesome lunch.  It was this place like a fish market and you got a rice bowl then wandered around the stalls buying fish and other bits and pieces to have on top.  Super delicious.

Was going to head to the art gallery this afternoon but I:d just missed the 4.00 bus and the next one was at 5:15 which would meant I:d get to the gallery just before it shut.  Damn buses.

The woman at the information place also told me I couldn:t get to Jesus grave without a car.  That sucks balls.  I wish I:d got my Japanese licence now.