Utsunomiya is, apparently, the gyoza captial of Japan so yesterday I headed to Utsunomiya to eat gyoza. 

Gyoza Venus.  She has eaten too much gyoza and now she has a belly ache.

Gyoza boy with a gyoza head.  I wonder if he sometimes wants to eat his own head.

Beer, it goes well with gyoza.

Gyoza with a variety of fillings - you can't tell that from the photo but there are many different things inside these gyoza.  They were delicious too.

Oh noes!


I am squiggly.

Come in for a stiff one.  Yeah, it's funny.

Deep fried gyoza

Pan fried gyoza
Apparently - well according to the tourist info we got at the station - Utsunomiya is famous for it's "ace bartenders" as well.  I didn't get to try the work of the ace bartenders because we left too early but next time I'm Utsunomiya, I'll definitely be sampling.
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