Don't add to the lame shit in this world

I declare today the day for not adding to the lame shit in this world.  For not dwelling on the bad, suck-arseage stuff that goes around. 

Don't wear something just because that's what people your age, colouring, body type wear.  Dress in clothes that make you happy.  Wear red.

Don't listen to the music that is cool or you think makes you look hip.  Listen to the music that makes you want to dance and sing out loud.  Then do it.

If you want a big, creamy cake for morning tea, then eat it.  But if it's just for sake of covering up your misery, then don't.

Smile at people.  Even the grumpy old man.

Take a photo of something you see every day but never really notice! 

Don't add to the lame shit in this world.
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