Asagaya Nomiya Festival

Lately I don't drink much but when I saw the Asagaya Nomiya Festival advertised, my inner lush revealled itself.

You paid 4000 yen and got a list of 60 bars around the Asagaya area where you could get a free drink (well not really free since you'd already paid for it ...)  You also got 2 food items but that turned out to be a bit of a pain.  You couldn't pick where you wanted to eat, you just put your hand in a box and pulled out 2 food tickets.  The bars where all numbered but the food tickets weren't.  Luckily a nice lady at one of the bars helped us sort that out.

We turned up on Friday night and looked for the bar to get our tickets.  It took a bit of hunting around but finally found it and got our maps and stamp cards for all the bars. 

Our goal was to hit 20 bars and we started off all organised and even made a progress bar.  That lasted for about the first 8 bars anyway.

We'd also planned to leave by 11.30 to get the last train home.  That plan also died in the pants by the 8th bar.

Asagaya, for those that don't know the area, is full of tiny bars.  The 60 on the list were just the tip of the iceberg.  The drinking festival was a great idea because we'd have probably never bothered going there otherwise and definitely not just to random bars.

We met heaps of great people - and a couple of jerks - and while we didn't meet our goal of 20 bars, we did get to 16 which apparently is way beyond what most people do!  The average is 5 or 6.

Even though I hate the talento, Lola (see my previous post), the more I drank, the funnier I thought it was to make people do Lola pose for photos.  We taught these guys Australian-ben like "bonza" and "flaming galah".  Actually I think it was telling them what "flaming galah" meant that bought Lola's name up.

So many back alleys filled with bars.  It's worse than Melbourne.  But we couldn't dawdle, we were on a mission.

This guy loved Nick Cave - well I think it was what he was saying.  He wanted us to go to Koenji and meet Nick Cave's manager, I think.  He was really funny and all the guys in the bar played the plinky plink for us, so did the mama. 

Weird blue drink.  I think this was in some Hawaii themed bar.  It was a bit wanky and we didn't like it as much.

Stuffed panda in a truck.  

More sake, this time in a bar that played 60s music.  I have had Angie stuck in my head every since we went there.  This was about bar #11 and one of the last places I took photos.  No only was I drunk but the view finder on my camera stopped working.  We did go to more bars including the "fucking rock" bar.

The cold hard light of morning and we had to go home.