Korea 1

My Korea trip started off not so well.  I got to my hostel and was told there was a problem with my booking.  They didn't have the single room I'd book for that night but, not to worry, they'd give me a twin room for the same price.

I don't get this logic at all.  Why act like you are doing me a favour when you screwed up which means I have to pack all my shit to change rooms?  And having a room with bunks instead of a single bed is no advantage to me. 

Also the set up was like an apartment with the main room having been turned into a dorm.  Meaning that I had to walk through the dorm room to get in and out or go to the bathroom.  Which kinda defeated a lot of the point of having a single room.

Other than though it was a great place in a fun area.  It had a little courtyard which was made it easy to hang out and meet people.  Plus most of the other guests were great people, not dumb-arsed rich kid slumming it backpacker types with their heads up their arses.

I decided to head for Seoul Tower and check it out.  I caught the subway and was in raptures because I had wifi access the whole trip.  Seoul is truly an advanced city compared to Tokyo! In Tokyo you can't get wifi anywhere unless you are signed up to a service provider.

I wasn't sure how to get up to the cable car so I walked up the hill.  I think most people took bus.  Anyway, it was a nice walk, with a beer break on the way.

I caught the cable car up to the tower but, being a cheapskate, decided not to pay more to actually go up in the tower.  I wandered around the base of the tower instead which was full of couples in lurve.  And, OMG, wearing couples outfits.

 The tower was pretty though.  And the view of Seoul was really pretty too.  Every direction in which you look, there are mountains and nature. 

But that was enough sightseeing so I wandered into Myeongdong to check out the shops.  I think I went to every makeup shop in the area - and that's a shitload. 

Makeup shopping in Seoul is amazing.  You get a basket with a free gift in it before you start shopping and even more freebies when you buy stuff.  I wasn't sure if you could keep the first gift if you weren't buying anything though.

After a few shops, I had no exposed skin left for sampling BB cream.  I got a few things I needed and some BB cream for my sister then needed to eat. 

The area is filled with food stalls that smell absolutely delicious and it was hard to pick what to eat.  I ended up getting sausage things with mochi in the middle.  Have no idea what they are called.

Oh, I also stopped for about 20 coffee breaks because the coffee is so cheap and so good.

I could have kept shopping -- and god knows you can shop in Seoul because it seems nothing ever closes -- but I didn't know what time the last subway was and also was getting tired.

Instead of uploading a heap of photos here, I'll link to my facebook album -

Seoul Tower (Day 1)