Seoul in summary

Just got home from Korea.  I'll do a huge post (or two) once I've sorted through the hundreds of pictures I took but it was amazing.  

I bought a shitload of makeup and eat loads of good food.  Just realised I drank no Korean booze though.  With margaritas at $8 a pop, I didn't need to.

Compared to Tokyo, Seoul seems to have a much healthier energy about it, if that makes sense.  People don't seem to be half asleep like they are here.  And so much better dressed - none of this puce and beige and pale pink ruffly shit like you see everywhere in Tokyo.  Girls in Seoul are much more look at me.  And the style seems much more sophisticated rather than cutesy.

I really wish I'd stayed more than the 4 days I was there.  I didn't even really go drinking until the 3rd night and found a really fun '90s  grunge bar in Hongdae.

It's funny how in Japan when people ask whereabouts in Australia you are from and you answer Melbourne, they clearly have no idea where that is and only really know the Gold Coast and Sydney.  In Korea everyone knows Melbourne.  They have friends there or have visited.  The barman at the '90s bar is planning to go next year to be a marshall at the Grand Prix.

I guess that's why Seoul feels a lot more comfortable than Tokyo - because so many Koreans live in Melbourne anyway.  And, like Melbourne, there are GOOD coffee shops everywhere.  OMG the coffee is good.  And cheap.

It's so easy to get around too - the subway is so simple (colour and number coded) and cheap.

I think I won the hearts of a lot of the Koreans I met by telling them that Seoul is so much more beautiful/friendly/awesome than Tokyo :)