Lately, I've been on a reading spree of samurai murder mysteries.  I'm not even sure why myself but they are easy to read on the train ride to and from work.

Anyway, I've been learning a lot about bushido.  The samurai code of honor.

Pretty much it's just a blueprint for men to act like arseholes really, isn't it.  I mean Western men historically have not had a great track record either but at least chivaly and the gentlemenly code of honor just opresses women.  It doesn't kick them in the teeth while they are down there.

Samurai, being all honorable and shit, didn't handle money because it was beneath them and dirty and all that bollocks.  The wife did it instead.  You'd think that'd be a good thing but no... he'd go out drinking and whoring and she'd have to find the money to pay the bills.

If you were a non-samurai woman, those dirty old samurai could rape you (even if you were a little kid) and, if your family tried to stop them, they all got killed.  Your entire family.  Imagine being a parent and have the choice of letting your kid get raped or having your whole family murdered.

Samurai daughters didn't get off so easily either.  If you misbehaved, you could get sent off to a brothel for a year or so as punishment!  As well as getting married off to some creep you'd never met (but that happened in all cultures in the good old days).

Meanwhile the samurai dudes are filling their swords with their spirits (god, that needs some air quotes) and then testing them out on the poor peasants.

Unlike Western men of the old days, there was no protecting women.  No looking after them in return for them cooking and cleaning and going through child birth with no drugs.  You didn't even get a door opened for you, you just had to crawl around on tatami mats, being all quiet and serene.

Some lucky women did get to learn to use swords though.  I'd have been using it to chop some balls off.