I had a job interview in the city today - yah - and, since I had my camera in my bag, thought I'd take some photos of the city.  I'd actually thought the battery was flat (and I don't have an adapter yet for my Japanese charger) but managed to eke a few more pictures out.

I think it's good to sometimes take photos of the things you take for granted in your own city.  The shit you see all the time is (hopefully) interesting to people who don't live there.  Plus in years to come, it's going to be all different and you want to remember how it used to be.

Melbourne Central shopping place.  Not so new but always seeming to be going though face lifts.  Inside the dome bit, there is an old shot tower and a clock that plays "Waltzing Matilda" on the hour - well it used to, not sure if it still does - and is really lame.

Inside is always full of Asian students milling around, getting in your way.   The best thing about Melbourne Central is the big Asian grocery store in the basement.  The worst is Supre.  I hate Supre (lame budget fashion store) and all it stands for.

The dome building in the background is the State Library.  The dome is very amazing inside.  I've only been in there once though because I never think to go there.  There is a large lawn area out the front where people mill around.  

In the foreground is a tram.  It's an older style tram which are far superior to the new ones which are all plastic.  I like the older ones that have real wood and are all rickety.

This used to be a Chinese restaurant.  I went there years ago with my mum and they closed down not long after (unrelated, I think).  It was awesome - dirt cheap with canteen style seating and an old Chinese man at the counter telling you to take one fork or one pair of chopsticks, if you wanted more it cost 30 cents.  Everything cost extra but the food was good and super cheap. 

It's been closed down for over 10 years now and is currently a vintage camera store.

Swanston Street - my most hated street in the CBD.  If you can walk down this street without a junkie trying to scab money off you, you are doing well.  One night I had 10 of them try in separate scabbings.  Ended up in a screaming match with the last one.  Note: junkies do not like to be told to get a job.  They also don't like to be told that, if they don't have train fare back to Frankston, they shouldn't have left there in the first place.