Ready to go: my travel makeup essentials

I'm not the type to haul a suitcase of makeup around with me when I travel - even if I did, I'd never use it - but I don't want to look like a bush pig when I'm travelling either.  It's taken me years of trial and error but I think I've finally got a decent travelling makeup kit together.

1. Benefit Brows-A-Go-Go kit

This kit is awesome.  It's meant for mainly for eyebrow shaping with eyebrow wax plus two shades of brow filling in powder.  It also has Eye Bright (cream) for lighting up all those dark shadows, a highlighter (powder) and an eyeliner pencil. 

AND tweezers.  Before I got this kit, I'd always forget to pack tweezers for travel and then I'd have a tweezing emergency.  They are totally handy and save the worry of losing your good "at home" tweezers.

As well as using this for the intended purposes, it can be pretty versatile.  I use the lighter brown brow colour for face contouring (when I can be bothered) and eye shadow.

The highlighter goes on anywhere I want to highlight, not just eyes - it's great for cheekbones too. 

The black eyeliner can be a bit strong for me so I use the darker brown (with the brush that's included) for eyelining during the day.

The Eye Bright makes a great base for makeup and I use it all over my eyes.

You can tell how much I use this kit from the photo. It covers about 80% of my makeup needs.

2. BB Cream

I've used a few different BB creams and they are all good.  I used to use Nivea tinted moisturiser a lot but prefer BB Cream because it has a huge level of SPF as well as the moisturiser.

If I'm only travelling for a few days, the brow kit and a tube of BB cream are all I pack. 

3. Benefit That Gal Primer

I only pack this for long trips because it takes up a bit of space.  It really does do great perking up though.

4. Moisturiser

The one in the picture is again from Benefit but any small tub or tube of moisturiser is good.  I'll probably just refill that little tub when it runs out because it's a nice handy size. 

Confession time - I don't use any other skin products except moisturiser.  I've bought expensive skin care and I don't really notice much difference between when I use and when I don't so - why waste time and money on it.  I do need moisturiser though and, for more than a couple of days, need something more than what's in the BB cream.

5. Mac concealer

This is the only concealer I use - and it's a lot less orange than it looks in the picture!  I'd only pack this for times when I need to look well made-up or especially blemishy.

6. Eye shadows

Mac again.  I love this copper because it makes my eyes "pop" as they say in the magazines.  I can also use it for it a bit of lip or cheek colour. 

The second eyeshadow is a grey from Sportsgirl.  Super cheap and very good for subtle makeup. 

All this fits in a tiny cosmetics bag and I can put together a decent-ish face from it. 

What are your travel make-up essentials?