Japanese women don't get fat (or old) - the book, the bollocks.

When I read this post on Fight Start, I remembered I'd been planning to post a rant about that very same book.

For starters, the author obvs has never been on the Mita line north of Sugamo or to Gusto in the Itabashi-ku or they'd never have called it that.  At least she didn't call it Japanese women never get fat or old or pick their noses because the Mita line could surely be renamed the Pick a Winner Mita line - I've never seen so many nose pickers in one place in my life!

Most middle class women in Japan though are pretty thin, I have to say.

Anyway, the author, like most people, ignores the true reason why Japanese women don't put on weight.  And that is this: 

Japanese women are oppressed by a misogynist society where their entire worth revolves around looking thin and young.

If you don't look your best, your husband will be taking all the moneys and spending them on trying to get a 15 year old AKB48 look-a-like to suck his cock.  If he leaves you, you will struggle to survive because you spent your university days and early career focused on GETTING A HUSBAND then gave it all up to look after him and the kids and now you are over 35 and it's impossible for a woman to get any kind of half decent job at that age even if they didn't have a 10 year+ career break.

Ergo, if you don't look thin and young, you are fucked.

The entire feminist movement is a failure because Western women are fat?  We should forget about having careers and fulfilling lives because it's taking time away from our efforts to be thin?  Fuck that bullshit.  I'll take my rights as a human being on this earth over being thin any day. 

I'll take living in a society where I can be married, have kids and have a career - or any combination I want - over looking like a little kawaii doll.  Where, if I apply for a job I don't have to include my age or photo on my resume - and where my future employer can actually be fucked up for even asking for that.

Thinness is not the ultimate goal for woman.  Some women are naturally thin, some women choose to be thin but no one should be telling them it's mandatory.  Policing women's bodies is misogyny and oppresion.  And, if you are not part of the STFU on this, you are part of the problem. 

I have no proof of this, but I bet you can make a direct correlation between the expectation of thinness on women in society and the level to which they are oppressed.

But Kathryn, you say, Japanese women are healthier than those fatty-fat Western women.

The healthy argument is always trotted out when it comes to body policing but it's a load of balls really.  Is it healthy to live on white rice and a scarcity of fresh fruit and vegetables?  Is it healthy to obsess about every single thing you eat?

Studies have actually shown that being overweight is healthier for you than being underweight (the desired weight for Japanese women is below the healthy BMI).  It is definitely healthier to be overweight than to be on a diet lacking in essential nutrients in order to obtain and maintain a certain weight.  If you look at the ads in the back of Japanese women's magazines, there are a heap for weight loss products and the scary thing is that the "before" pictures look a hell of a lot healthier than the "after".

So back to the book.  Japanese women don't get fat or old is full of bollocksy diet advice and, like most diet books, is intent on making you so concerned about being pleasing to men that you get back in the kitchen where you belong -- but only to cook to please others because heaven forbid you actually eat some of that food yourself.