Everyday stories: overheard conversation on the bus

I'd not normally blog about someone's personal conversation but the chick was talking on her phone really loudly on the bus so I figure she's already put it out there.  If you want to have a private conversation, don't have it in public.

She did have her back turned so that she faced the window of the bus as though somehow, if people couldn't make eye contact, they couldn't hear her.  I'm not really sure how that works.

The conversation started off ordinary enough, although the woman making the call sounded nervous and strained.  That small talk you make when really you are ringing to ask someone a favour or to give you a reference or loan you money.  Small talk that you just want to get over to hear the yes or no.

Then came the bit that make us realised this was a little bit freaky.

I wanted to know if you'd heard from my father.  He disappeared about a year ago and I'm trying to get in touch with him.

Made even weirder because she'd mentioned getting married and having a child in the last year.  You don't get in touch with your father when you're planning your wedding then suddenly, months later remember he exists?  You don't have any way of contacting him so you ring someone you aren't at ease with or know very well to get his number?

She then mentioned they were going to meet up for dinner about a year ago but the father had cancelled at the last minute saying he had to go interstate.  That was the last she'd heard of him.

Then some of the bingo ladies got on the bus and talked loudly.  I wondered about the etiquette of asking them to STFU so I could hear the rest of the phone conversation.

Then she dropped this into the conversation:

Yeah, he was hanging aroung with some bad people.  Maybe you're right.  Maybe he's doing this to keep us safe.

Not long after that, she got off the bus.  We looked at each other and were like OMG! Your father disappears and you not only wait a year to look for him, you ring someone and have a conversation like that on the bus.  It made us wonder if it was actually real or some kind of wacky performance art designed to intrigue the casual listener.