Data Security

This is really some shit I don't get.  People getting their panties in a big freaken knot about data security on the internet.  What the hell?  Did anyone NOT think that was happening? 

The biggest safeguard of your privacy and information security is this - you are so boring that no one cares.  You are being monitored but you fall under the radar because are so homogenous that your only value is as a drop in the bucket of consumer demographics to be sold to anyone with a few bucks.

But this rant is not so much about that, it's about the way people worry about being monitored but are perfectly happy to sit on public transport writing personal information on their ipads or phones or even talking it out loud.  Do you think other people are not reading over your shoulder or listening in?

Apparently the most common cause of information leakages, in this age of monitoring and analytics and information hacking, is this - people taking (paper) files home with them and leaving them on the train or other public places. 

It's kinda like everyone is worried about Big Brother when what you really have to watch out for is the little brother that comes along and reads your diary that you left sitting open on your bed.

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