Sensory Overload

I've just been reading about people who experience sensory overload and I'm wondering if I have it. Every morning I'm nearly throwing up on the train. I find it really difficult to handle. I get up early most mornings so I can avoid the overcrowding between 7.30 - 9.00 am but sometimes the trains are cancelled or delayed. Afternoons are worse - I have to hit that sweet spot between kids knocking off school and the commuter rush.

I sit on the train with headphones in and try to avoid all contact with people but it's not enough. I can still smell people - not even bad BO type smells but food or perfumes make me feel sicker. This morning, someone had Vicks on and made me gag. I can't stand people touching me in anyway, or even having their shit over the line on the seats. I can't handle the light streaming in the windows.

I thought this was all just a social phobia but wondered why I could handle all but the most sardine-squish on Japanese trains but even a half empty train here triggers nausea and anxiety. It makes sense though, if it's due to sensory overload. The Japanese tend to be much quieter on the trains (a lot of Aussies don't get the point of mobile phones and think you have to shout so that the other person can hear you), they don't wear strong perfumes, they don't eat on trains (well they do but not like wolfing down a whole Maccas meal) and they have cranky old ladies to glare that them if they do wrong.

Since I'm not planning on moving back to Japan to live, I guess I'll have to find ways to deal with it here. Or maybe, once that haze moves off Singapore...