Hotel Review - Grand Park Hotel Panex Tokyo

I didn't take any photos here but you can check out their website.

Because our flight got into Haneda around 11pm, we wanted to stay somewhere within taxi distance to the airport.  The place we'd booked for most of our time wasn't available for the first night away and we figured after the flight our requirements were somewhere with comfortable beds and reasonably priced single rooms (because we'd be as grumpy as hell).  We also wanted somewhere that had an easy connection to the Yamanote line so we could get to the Arashi concert goods sales as soon as possible the next morning.

There are a lot of hotels closer to Haneda than The Grand Park but they charge a fortune for the convenience.  It cost us about $20 for the taxi fare from memory which wasn't too bad (probably less than the different in room prices).

I think they charged about $60 per room including breakfast which I thought was pretty good because it's on the upper end of the Japanese business hotel scale (ie. the rooms didn't smell of jizz).

The beds were super comfy with quite nice bed linen.  I remember being so happy to finally get into a real bed.

The breakfast was awesome too.  Breakfast is an important part of my hotel experience and this hotel had an awesome choice of Japan and Western breakfast buffet foods.

They also had a great range of toiletries (better than some of the more expensive hotels I stayed in) and -- I have to make a confession here: after years of laughing at Japanese girls wearing scrunchies, my sister and I not only wore the free hotel scrunchies but embraced them!

Another thing I loved - when we arrived, a Japanese businessman was checking in.  He asked the guy at reception for a recommendation for somewhere to eat dinner and the reception guy was like 'I don't know, just walk around and find a place' in a manner of customer service you'd see more in Australia than Japan.  And, to be fair, the reception guy was right.  In the block around the hotel, there are a bunch of izakaya as well as the usual Japanese chains.  We found an awesome izakaya with super delicious foods within 5 mins.

I wouldn't stay at this place for my entire Tokyo stay.  The location makes it a bit hard to get around.  But it was definitely everything we needed after our flight.