Tokyo Accomodation: Kurumi

After my sister left Tokyo, I needed somewhere to stay by myself for a few nights.  I found Kurumi bookmarked in a Japan accommodation folder from years ago! Don't know how I found it in the first place.

Since they had pretty cheap rooms, I figured I'd give it a go since the rates were pretty cheap.  It's hard to find cheap places in Tokyo that aren't backpackers with shared rooms and aren't off the main rail systems (which means you are paying $$$ to get anywhere).

I stayed in the second cheapest room which was 4,500 yen a night.  I figured I'd rather have a bit more space than save the 400 yen difference by getting the cheapest room.  When I go there and saw the views of the Sumida river from the other side of the hotel, I almost asked for an upgrade though!  Spectacular.

The room itself was quite small but had a unit bathroom, no sharing with other people.  The rest of the room was an L shape around the bathroom.  One side had a very hard single bed with a bit of walking space beside it.  Along the long wall, I had a TV and sink plus cooking facilities (microwave and tiny cooktop).  Also a cupboard with some basic cooking needs.

The whole place was pretty basic and looked like a lot of the other guests were long term residents - students etc.  I got a look in one of the biggest rooms and it was pretty much the same set up with but included a living area with a sofa etc.  The furniture looked pretty old but okay.

The place was really quiet and I didn't really see much of the other guests.

I'd never been to this area before but ended up being a pretty good location.  As well as the river views, you could walk out the front door and see the SKY TREE.  Well except for one of the days when it was really hazy.

You are within walking distance of three subway lines - they mention the Kibiya and Tozai lines on the website yet strangely don't mention the Oedo line (which is the same station as the Tozai line).  I'm not sure why not because I find the Oedo line the most convenient line for getting around on the subway.

Also nearby is the T-CAT terminal.  I'd never heard of this place before but it runs buses to Narita for a reasonable cost.  I guess I'd never heard of it because I usually catch the train but the bus ride was a nice change because you get to see stuff.  It's definitely an easy walk - I did it with my bag slung over my shoulder.

Also, near Monzennakacho station, there is a shopping strip with heaps of places to eat and drink.  I played it safe and stuck to the main strip the first night, the second night I wandered down the side alleys, via the host bars and found a great yakitori place.

I'd recommend this place to anyone going to Tokyo on their own wanting a single room with basic facilities.  Next time I'd definitely spring for the river view especially if the weather is good.  It'd also work out very cheap for two people sharing.

It's not in a party area (unless hanging out with salarymen after work is your idea of partying) but it's a good base for exploring the older side of Toyko.  If the weather had been better, I'd have walked along the Sumida to Asakasa and made a day of it. 

If it's your first time in Tokyo and you have a week or more, I'd think about staying here for part of the trip and doing this side of the city then moving to hotel on the other side of the city for the weekend and staying somewhere more lively.

The owner was a lovely guy and all up, I'd say it's good value for money compared to a lot of places in Tokyo.   If you like hard beds that is.