Awesome Inflight Travel Hack

Inflight entertainment, it's lame. I'm not sure why airlines even provide it. I mean, everyone on the plane has their tablet or whatever nowadays and you bring along what entertainment you need.

You know what really puts me off inflight entertainment? Those shit awful headphones they give you. And then they have the weird connector so you can't even use your own. I don't travel with medium range noise filtering headphones so I can exchange them for shitty crap the airlines provides.

Total digression here - I did decide to watch an inflight movie on my Air China flight to save on battery power with my tablet. Halfway through my watching of 47 Ronin, the shit headphones stopped working. That movie is so awful, I never even bothered trying to get the headphones replaced. Has anyone seen it? If not, don't bother. They took the 47 Ronin story, which is a shit awful story and add in most of the elements of The Last Samurai. Shit on shit. Don't watch it. Ever.

Anyway, this is not about Hollywood interpretations of Japan but how to have the best entertainment experience on your flight.

Watching your own stuff on your tablet is definitely the way to go but there's one drawback. What do you do with your tablet?

If you have one of those handy cases that convert to a stand, you can put it on your tray table but that sucks. You don't want to have your tray table for long periods of time. It's not comfortable. And you don't want to hold your tablet in your hand either. That's also not good.

Then I saw this clever travel hack online - you put your tablet in a ziplock bag and mush it under the turny knob thing for the tray tablet so it hangs in front of you. Huzzah! Hands free tablet watching.

Except that wasn't good enough for me.

My flight had those annoying back of the seat screens with the tray tablet underneath so my tablet hung down too low.

Not to worry. I posted a few days ago about handy things to pack when you travel but I didn't mention two of the most important items: ziplock bags and clips.

Everyone knows to take ziplock bags, right? They are super handy for many things. Clips are also important. The ones that have the metal bits that you push back (is there a name for those kinds of clips?). I always have them on me because the cord on my headphones is insanely long, so I wind it up and then clip it - it's much better than the contraption I got with them because that thing constantly gets caught on shit in my bag.

So I got out the clips and clipped the ziplock bag to the back of the seat at a height and angle that suited me. Then sat back and smugly watched stuff, in awe of my own cleverness.

Shitty inflight entertainment begone! You are replaced by Arashi! Note the handy clips.

I was surprised at how well this worked. I thought the crumpled plastic of the bag would interfere with my viewing pleasure but the weight of my tablet smoothed it out.

There is one big caution here though

. Your tablet is in a plastic bag and it will get very hot. Do not start watching something epic like say all three Lord of the Rings movies without a break. Your tablet may not survive! Actually, you shouldn't be sitting that long without a break either. You put yourself at risk of DVT and all that kind of thing. I found about 30 minutes was enough.

Next time I fly, I might hole punch my ziplock bag to improve air flow and see if that stops it heating up so much.

Do you have a clever flight hack?