Scum of the Earth

I'm not going to put links in this post because I don't want to link to the absolute vile scum this man is but if you really want to know more, search for #takedownjulienblanc. * Trigger warning for rape and sexual abuse and generally cuntiness.

This man was recently in Australia teaching workshops on how to pick up women. His techniques involved a lot of making women do things by physical force or verbal abuse. If you have any concept of pick up techniques, you'd know there is a name for this technique. It's called rape.

There's no black and white about it. It's rape. 100% wrong.

He has produced materials on how to get a woman to do your bidding which include a multitude of abuses including threatening her children and abusing her pets. That's how far this lowlife scum sinks.

I became aware of the campaign against him when I found a prominent Melbourne hotel had decided, after social media protests, to cancel his booking. 

The campaign continued to have him ousted from any other venue he booked. 

I have to say, I'm a woman who travels alone quite often and, if I found out a hotel I'd booked allowed this kind of thing, I'd never stay there again. That's not just a protest, that's a genuine concern that I might be sharing a space - maybe a private, confided space like an elevator - with someone who is fired up after their workshop on rape techniques. Would any woman want to stay somewhere like that?

So, after a number of venues cancelled on the douchebag, apparently he managed to get a river cruise company to hire him a boat.

A group of campaigners found out and stood on the docks heckling and jeering. The potential rapists were too scared to get off the boat and needed police protection to assist them.

Can you see the irony in that? These men who think it's fine to threaten women and put them in a choke hold, are scared of protesters calling them names. So scared that they started crying like a bunch of little bitches.

A petition was started to have his visa revoked. Why this scum was ever given working permission to hold these workshops promoting criminal activity in this country is unbelievable in the first place.

I won't link to the petition because he left the country today. VICTORY! 

Only it seems he's now headed to Japan, where he's previously made videos of himself attacking women on the street (like Japanese women need another hentai fucker to deal with). This is the link to the petition to have him banned from entering Japan.

I'd love to see this scum banned from every country in the world and behind bars for inciting rape and hate crimes. I'd love to see every single man who thinks it's a good idea to attend these workshops behind bars too. 


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