Guns are Awesome!

I"m going to skip over a lot of what I've done in Prague to talk about today's activity because it was freaken awesome. Maybe I'd do a wacky montage or something because you don't want to miss my 280 photos of the Prague Zoo animals (spoiler: all of them are freaken cute).

But today I did something I've wanted to do all my life. If you are a reader from the US, you might want to skip this because you'll be all *yawn*, I did that in kindergarten. But I'm Australian and we have some pretty darn strict gun laws. You can't just buy a gun at the supermarket and start using it. Which is why I'm a free woman today and not in some state prison.

There have been a few times I've almost had the chance to fire a gun. When I was in Vietnam, I wanted to go to a machine gun firing range until someone reminded me that the OH&S regulations in Vietnam might be a bit lax. Then, In Seoul, I was going to go to a shooting range at the Lotte place but couldn't find it. I think it'd shut down.

So, I got to Prague and found out I could go shooting. Hell yeah! I mean, I'm a writer. I need to know these things.

I booked the tour and the driver picked me up at my hotel with a couple of Dutch guys also along for the day. We drove out of the city and pulled up at a place that was nothing like I was expecting. It was this country house with a children's playground beside it.

We waited for them to set up and then went in for the instruction. I'd been really nervous all day but, once we got started, I was like less jibber-jabber, more shooting.

I'd picked the five gun pack while the other guys were doing the three gun one (wimps). I actually wanted to do more guns but wasn't sure if that was going overboard for my first time (it would've been).

Here's the thing no one ever tells you about shooting a gun. It hurts like fuckery. Well, okay, maybe I have heard mention of recoil and shit but I never paid it no mind. But it's definitely not like on TV where someone picks up a gun for the first time and they are like bang, bang! It's more like "motherfuuuuuucker... is it meant to hurt this much?"

The Dutch boys started with the AK47 (not the AKB48 like I keep going to write -- that's what you shoot, not what you shoot with) and I started with the Glock. I think I'd have preferred starting with the AK47 because that was the one that was incredibly painful to shoot with so the rest would've been easier afterwards.

I first shot was like nothing I've ever experienced. Loud and painful but so powerful. 

Next, I moved onto the Magnum. The gun man had to keep coming over and adjusting my hands because I'd put them in the wrong spots. I kept mucking up the flick back thingie too. I think I shot more accurately with it though.

Then the Uzi. That was my favourite. It was so easy to use or maybe I was just getting the hang of things. 

Next was the pump action shot gun. I could not get the hang of pumping that thing. Take from that what you will. But, man, you could do some damage with those things.

After that, I swapped over to the AK47 with the guys. They had a special laying down station for it. That sounded fancy. It was flattened carton from a telly set! This was the gun I hated the most. It really hurt. At one point, I yelled at the guy "this thing is really painful." And he said, "yeah, it's a gun."

In the end, I just decided to fire the gun and ignore the pain because I had no other choice.

As you can see from the photos above, my aim is not good but if I needed to I could shoot the fuck out of someone's right shoulder. 

When we finished, we mucked around, posing for photos that the driver took (they haven't been posted yet) and then had a beer before heading back to my hotel. It was a helluva lot of fun but I don't think I'll be able to use my right arm tomorrow.