How not to spend three days in Bratislava

Firstly, I've had a few people say they've found it hard to leave comments on my blog so I've changed over to Disqus. That means you can now comment your heart out. Comment like there is no tomorrow. Go crazy!

I'm really hoping this "how not to ..." thing ends because I've had some shit luck since I got to Europe.

First up, my accommodation was fabulous. I stayed at a place called Freddy Next To Mercury, because why wouldn't you? 

The place is a backpackers with a few apartments available as well. I booked the deluxe apartment because, after the shitty time I'd been having, I wanted to stay somewhere decent.

The check in was a bit strange. I couldn't pay by card because they'd run out of paper for their machine and the girl didn't know where the nearest ATM was!  When I got up to my apartment though, I was so impressed that I didn't care. The only down side of the place was lots of windows and gauzy curtains!

The first night, I hadn't closed the window properly and it banged shut in the middle of the night and woke me up. I'd been having a bad dream and couldn't get back to sleep. Since it was full daylight at 4am, I figured I'd got out for a walk rather than strain myself trying to get back to sleep.

Walking around Prague early in the morning had been fine, Bratislava not so much. The Old Town was dead quiet except for a few drunks making their way home and it freaked me out a bit.

But, unlike Prague, by 7am there were quite a few coffee shops open. I'd finished sightseeing and had gone to the supermarket (which opened at 6.30) to get a few things then sat down to have a coffee.

It was then I realised that the aches and pains in my body had gone from the usual pain you get from walking around all day and from lugging bags. I was in quite a bit of pain and wasn't sure I could walk back to my apartment. I'd have grabbed a cab if I'd seen one and I knew I could catch a bus if only I knew which one. Google maps can be great for something things but it never seems to have bus routes in their public transport info.

I figured a slow walk back wouldn't kill me but, by the time I got back to the apartment, I was in agony. My back had been kind of bad before I got to Bratislava and, a few nights before I'd woken up with an agonising cramp in my calf. I get calf cramps a lot and this had been one of the worst. The pain still lingered. But this had gone way beyond that. My entire right leg was barely functional and I could hardly walk.

I took to bed for the rest of the day.

I had planned to go to the Bratislava zoo because they have white tigers but the zoo was out of the question. The way I felt the next day, even going out for coffee was difficult but I am highly motivated when it comes to caffeine.  I found a little market and stocked up on food then even found a pharmacy. 

I thought I was good at miming but, after offering me panty house and suncream and all manner of stuff, the lady in the shop got onto google translate so I could tell her my problem. Note: not many people in Bratislava speak English. It would be the top non speaking of English country I've ever been to.

I got hooked up with some cannabis spray. That stuff is amazing. 

I'd been a bit worried about how I was going to get all my stuff firstly down the flight of stairs in my apartment then to the station and all the way to Hungary. The stairs weren't too bad. The station - OMG! I figured I'd got to the station early, get my train ticket then leave my bag at the luggage desk. It'd said on the internet there was a left luggage place. 

Only it wasn't open! 

So I had 3 hours at the station with all my bags. Couldn't go anywhere without taking them with me. Then, the absolute worst, you had to go down a massive flight of stairs to get to the toilet. The station was a nightmare and not designed at all with any consideration that people using a train station might have bags with them.

I did make it to Hungary and everything is great. So far!

Bratislava, probably a lovely place if you get to see some of it.