Monthly Recap: Sept 2016

I hit Tokyo this month and thought I'd missed on getting a cold. I swear, every single time I come to Tokyo I get a bad cold. I was wrong though, it hit in full force today. The first day with nice weather in ages too.

Destinations Visited:

Tokyo. I was so engrossed with work for most of the month, barely left my apartment. Luckily, my apartment is in Aoyama so there is plenty do within walking distance.  I did make it to the Sky Circus in Ikebukuro, which is basically an observation deck with some cool features added in.

I also had a day out with one of my Japanese friends - karaoke, lunch and shopping around Harajuku. 


I had a big promotion booked for 1 October so wanted to get the fourth book in the series released before then. It wasn't happening because of life events but then I decided YES! I can do this. And, with a lot of butt on seat time, wrote 40,000 words in 10 days. Then some very intensive work on the behalf of my editor and I got it done with time to spare. 

Ham and cheese gyoza at my local izakaya. OMG! So good.


See the highlights. Ha, both a challenge and highlight. The work is the challenge, the being finished is the highlight. 

The biggest challenge of the month though was leaving behind that chucklehead dog, Hamish. The little guy howled so much when I got out of the car at the airport, I nearly didn't leave. It broke my heart. But apparently five minutes after I left his sight, he was fine.

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What I Watched/Read This Month:

Arashi! All the Arashi shows because I'm in Japan and can watch them on the TV. 

This month, for a change, I've been reading some paper books. Mainly because I don't have my tablet with me for reading and I've been staying in Airbnbs with books sitting around. I reread Picnic at Hanging Rock while I was in Melbourne. I read it when I was at school but found a lot of things in it that I missed back then. 

Since I've been in Japan, I read Snow Falling on Cedars. I'd seen the movie ages ago but never read the book. 

Work and Money:

My income sunk to the lowest level in three years in September. Luckily, I knew I had the big promo booked for October or I'd have been freaking out (the promo was with Bookbub and it's insanely hard to get accepted by them so this wasn't something I had a lot of control over).

Coming in October 2016:

I have to start doing research and writing on my historical fiction book. I found out that the archives in Yokohama have a reading room with copies of newspapers and other documents from the beginnings of the foreign settlement. Hopefully that will be a huge help because it's easy to get information on Japanese history but there's no so much about the daily life of foreigners back then.

I really want to cut back on the sugary snacks this month too. I don't even like most of the sweets and chocolates available in Japan. I just eat them out of habit.

One thing I'm considering is mixing up my blog. At the moment, I'm hosted on Squarespace and it sucks. It's slow and cumbersome and doesn't do what I want it to do. I'm thinking of leaving my fiction stuff on here as a fairly static website and moving my travel stuff elsewhere. But then, is it worth the time it'd take? I'm not so sure about that.

So, how was your September? Any exciting plans for October?

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