Home Again

I was intending to spend three months in Seoul then some time in Tokyo before returning home then, last Saturday, my mum got sick. My sister ended up calling an ambulance, thinking it was an over-reaction. It wasn't. Mum had to go in for emergency surgery. The doctor said if she'd not come straight in, it'd have been too late.

So, I decided to come home. Mum was in hospital for quite a while last year and my sister had to take on the full load, which almost sent her crazy. 

It took almost three days to get home. My travel insurance (World Nomads) were as vague and unhelpful as hell. I'll put in a claim for the expenses when I find out if I can get a refund on my Airbnb but who knows how much they'll pay. It's all been a bit frustrating.

I ended up just changing the flights I had. That meant flying via Tokyo but, since there are no direct flights from Seoul to Melbourne, I had to have a stop-over somewhere.

In the meantime, Mum is much better. Still in ICU but they will put her on the regular ward in a few days.