Carnival Nights - free on Kindle for a limited time

I've not updated for a while because I'm in the process, the very slow process of moving over to word press. Since I'm fitting that in around writing, not much gets done. 

I'm in Porto at the moment, but mostly in my writing cave. I've slacked off a for a long time and now need to make money. It's been a weird experience here, with lots of crazy stuff happening, including locking myself out on the balcony of my apartment. The balcony is at the back and overlooks solemnly used courtyards so I thought I might be out there for days!

Then the other day I got my eyebrows threaded at the local shopping centre but I'm not sure the woman knew what she was doing. She managed to take chunks out of my brows and give me a rash on my face -- and I had to pay for that!

Anyway, in writing news, my short story collection, Carnival Nights is absolute free on Amazon for a limited time - 20-25 March, so grab a copy. It's also free any time you like to borrow if you are in Kindle Unlimited. 

Unlike many of my stories, this one does not contain smut. Absolutely safe for work and for kiddies. I want to write more short stories. I've been working on novels so long but I love the pinpoint precision that you can bring to something shorter.

Carnival Nights is a collection of short stories about the dreams and hopes we bury inside us and the consequences of acknowledging those dreams.

A country boy finally makes the move to the city but discovers things aren't the way he remembers them. 

A woman finds what she needs most after her death. 

A young girl learns that the idea of sex is better than the act.