Travel Gear

I've been on a mini travel gear splurge over the past few weeks, mainly because I realised it was fast approaching the time frame for being able to get stuff delivered from online.

So, what have I been buying:

Travel Safe

This would be overkill for regular holiday travel, Id' think, unless you are going to somewhere with a high crime rate or super paranoid. I'd not have even thought of buying one except this trip, I'll be working and need my laptop. Also, because I'm staying places longer term, I might set off for overnight side trips and want to make sure stuff I leave behind is secure. Also, using laptop at cafes -- you have to go to the loo sometimes!

If I lose my laptop, I'm screwed. Well, not totally screwed but I'm crap at backing things up and a few days lost work is money down the drain.

This little baby is all wire lined and slash-proof. You tie it around something secure, pull the drawstring really tight until the little bead on the wire cord goes through the hole at the top then lock it in place. I guess if someone had enough time and the right equipment, they could hack it open but it is sure going to be tough. People say to attach it to pipes so that the only way for a thief to get it is to break the water pipes (the theory being, I suppose, that hotel staff give many more shits about the room flooding than someone pinching your stuff).

I've done a few trial runs with it and it's a bit fiddly to get done up but not too difficult. I was going to test it by hiding my snack foods in it but they don't last long enough.

I tossed up between buying the 5l size or the bigger one (12l I think). I got the 5l and it's plenty big enough for my laptop plus I could fit some other stuff in there with it. 

Okay, I will confess the absolute #1 reason I wanted this: to keep my Arashi concert tickets secure when I'm in Japan. A few years ago, I realised that if our tickets got knicked, we'd be screwed. I mean, you can hardly claim scalped tickets on your travel insurance and those things aren't cheap. Now I can keep them secure.

After I've been travelling for a few months, I'll update on whether I actually use the thing or if I end up ditching it.

I had a goal of travelling with NO liquid but then realised I need moisturiser (SHOCK! does that make me a less hard-core traveller?). Well, there is deodorant, but I might get solid stick style if I can find one.

I got some of these tubes, although I got the cheap Chinese rip-offs from ebay. I got two of them but then realised I had nothing but my moisturiser to put in them so I have one that I might never use. I mean, I'm going out to buy shit like sun screen just so I can fill the tube when I can buy it at my destination. 

Everyone says these are the greatest thing for travellers since -- I don't even know what. Again, I got the cheapo Chinese rip-offs. The ones I got are too big though. I got a set of five packing cubes. One large, two medium and two small. I fit all the tops I want to pack in one small one, with space to spare, and my shoes in the other small one. I have no idea what I'd use other sizes for since I use a compression bag for dresses so I might leave them at home.

I was going to use one of the smaller ones for knickers but then realised that would cause issues with the dirty/clean divide (what's the point of having a whole cube with just one pair of clean knickers in it?) so I figure I'll use zip lock bags instead. 

I used to have this travel thingo that was like a folder with different pockets. I think that was more practical than the cubes but it's in my storage space somewhere! If I find it when I go to get my necessities out, I'll use it but otherwise I'll give it a miss.

That's it for my new travel gear.  Just a disclaimer: The links above are affiliate links so I'll make like 2 cents or something if you click on them.

Do you have any travel gear or gadgets that you love? Or things you thought would be handy then ditched two days into your travels (*cough* money belt)?