Sunday Drama Revisited: Norwegian Wood

Since Norwegian Wood has been released in Australia, I thought I'd re-review it, or really just link to my old review and add some more comments.  This is because it's topical in this country at the moment and not one bit because I'm lazy so don't be thinking that.

Recently we got a free subscription to The Age (local paper) because of my sister's football club membership or something like that.  I only really read the weekend papers and, over 2 weekends, there were something like 7 reviews of this movie.  All of them said how arty it was, the lingering shots of the snow reflecting the characters inner dialogue... blah blah blah ... bullshit. 

One of the reviews also said the director - that Vietnamese dude - couldn't speak a word of Japanese.  I have a suspicion that he got sick of trying to communicate with the actors so he was like - just walk through the snow some more, that'll look arty and people will eat that shit right up.

Recently there was some controversy about Murakami not getting the Nobel prize for literature.  I'd like to say to Mr Murakami, if he is reading my blog -- and I have a sneaky suspicion that he does, maybe if you don't let people make suck-arse movie adaptions of your book that are insanely, mind-blowingly boring you'd have had more of a shot at the big one. 

Norwegian Wood - boring as fuck.  That is my review.  Thank you.