Three tips for staying with friends/family in Japan

1. You don't have to ask every single question that comes into your head.  Maybe, you could use your own initative or something.  Especially if, say you are in Starbucks and the menu is in English and exactly the same as it is everywhere else in the freaken world.

Maybe spend some time around a 2 year old before you travel so you realise just how annoying constant questions can become.

2.  If your friend/family talks to a Japanese person in Japanese, there is no need for you to repeat it in English.  Maybe the Japanese person will understand your Engish better than their Japanese, especially if it's really loud and patronising, but chances are they won't.

And, just because every single person in Thailand/India can speak English, doesn't mean they do everywhere else.  When your ability to speak English means the difference between eating for a week on tourist dollars or not, your level of giving a shit is much higher.

3. Don't decide you want to do something that takes a lot of planning when you are halfway through your holiday.  Either do it before you arrive or organise it yourself.