Arashi {Things I love}

How could I talk about the things I love without starting with Arashi.  I love these guys a whole lot, enough to have travelled to Japan a few times to see their concerts. Okay, make that twice last year!

For those who aren't up to date with their Japanese pop music, Arashi are a group made up of five guys - not a boy band but idols who are multi-talented.  As well as performing, they present a few variety shows, act in dramas and movies, commentate sports and pretty much can do anything.

The thing I love most though is that, no matter how tired or cranky I feel, I listen to their music or watch their variety shows and I feel happy.

Oh, and they're not bad looking either!

Edited for Susie (and anyone else looking for Arashi drama recommendations):

I'd recommend Kazoku Game. It aired last year and I loved it. There are a lot of Japanese dramas about passionate teachers and this drama really turns that on it's head in a very dark way.

I'd also recommend Kisarazu Cat's Eye - it's a hard drama to explain because it's very character driven rather than having an easily summed up concept. I love the work of the writer too - he's done some fantastic dramas and really weaves the setting into the story in a fantastic way.

Both of those star Sho (the guy doing up his shoes). There are a heap of others I'd recommend but those are my top two.

I'd also say in my top 5 would be Kiiroi Namida (Yellow Tears). It's a movie not a drama set in the 60s. It has all the members in it but isn't like some Spiceworld type movie. It's actually very dreamy and evocative. It's about a manga artist who wants to do manga for children when the trend for sex and violence manga is becoming popular. He and 3 friends decide to devote their summer to pursuing their art. It's very much a coming of age movie not just for the characters but also for Japan, on the brink of the Tokyo Olympics and beginning to modernise with introduction of the bullet trains etc.