Etsy {Things I love}

I love Etsy.  I always figure it's a win-win shopping on there because I'm getting cute and lovely things and the money goes to an artist or small business rather than some big corporation that probably manufactures all its good in a sweat shop.

I wanted to do a photo post of my favourite things but feel a bit ick about posting other people's photos so I'll just link up some of the things I love.

This glitter heart headband is awesome.  I am going to a wedding later in the year and I'm pretty sure this would just make my outfit, whatever my outfit is.

Dog walks would be about 110% better if Gemma-dog and I had matching outfits, and polka dots always match my outfit!  I think I'll buy her this collar for her birthday.

I have been thinking about one of these bags for my Europe trip.  I love that they have a section for your water bottle because I always have a fear of my water bottle leaking in my bag and wrecking my stuff.  It happened to my sister once with an unopened bottle of Coke!

I love this whole shop and will buy something one day.  I mean, who doesn't want a cup with a naughty word written on it!

And, because you can never have too many polka dots (although I'm coming close), this dress.

The only problem with Etsy, and the reason I haven't bought all the thing already is that the postage to Australia is $$$.  Still, one day...