Food {Things I love}

If I'm talking about things I love then the letter F has to be food.  My love food is huge.  I'm going to Italy this year and that's going to be an adventure in eating.  I'm just wondering how I'll fit in all the gelato I want to eat.

I didn't realise until I put the photos together that all my food pictures are from Japan.  I guess that's partly because I take more food photos when I'm on holidays and I travel to Japan a lot and also because I love Japanese food.  One of my favourites is taiyaki - the fish pancakes with yummy filling.  The main photo is of a woman making the taiyaki.  There is also a super delicious black sesame icecream I had at Arashiyama.  Words cannot describe the deliciousness of that icecream, nutty and sweet.   And Harajuku crepes, so good but it's so hard to eat a whole one.

The egg vending machine is near Mt Fuji.  I've also included some sushi.  I'm not so fond of the big rolls so popular in the West but love sashimi of all types.  Then there's a bento box - in Japan when you take the bullet train, you can buy super delicious bento boxes with sections containing different foods.  They are super pretty as well as being tasty and usually healthy too, well unless you get the ones full of fried chicken.

What are your favourite foods?

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