Gemma {Things I love}

I can hardly talk about things I love without included the most beloved of all - Gemma.  To be honest, as far as dog go, Gemma is not without her faults. People talk about their dogs having loyalty and unconditional love.  I'd hate to test Gemma on that -- especially if it came to a choice between us and piece of bacon.  She's clumsy to hilarious effect.  She loves to run through the house, especially if she thinks a pesky cat has got into the backyard and needs to be chased out, but half the time she ends up sliding across the floor.

And she's a pretty cowardly.  Some of those fears might be justified - we got her secondhand and have no idea what her life was like before she came to us.  It worries me that even after five years of living with us (we got her when she was a year old), sometimes she still flinches when you go to pat her.

She normally hates men, especially men wearing hats.  Sometimes guys get snarky about that, especially if they try to pat her. but if they can't respect her wish to not be patted, they can bugger off anyway.

She is also faulty in that she constantly has allergies and problems.  I call her my dog but she's really my sister's -- and I'm happy about that when it comes to paying for vet bills.  She's recently had to go on some pretty expensive tablets due to her allergies.  The photos with the cone were taking before the tablets, when she was trying to chew her own legs off to stop the itching.

She also gets attacked by other dogs more than you would expect.  We think it's because she acts like a total princess when other dogs are around and that pisses them off.

One time I was cooking something with kimchi.  She kept trying to scab some so I figured I'd give her a tiny bit to try and the hot chili in it would teach her a valuable life lesson.  Well, that backfired! She loved it and went into kimchi frenzy.  Seriously, what kind of dog loves spicy foods?

She is also a creeper.  Whenever I'm getting changed, she opens my door just a crack and stands in the doorway watching me. She doesn't come into the room, she just watches through the crack in the door.

Despite all her weirdness though, she's a good dog and incredibly smart.  She's my best friend.

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