Polar Bears {Things I Love}

I love bears.  They are so freaken cute that I just want to hug them but I think of all the bears, I love polar bears the most.  They are amazing animals.

Photo from Polar Bears International
If someone said they went out and clubbed a polar bear to death, you'd think they were a total jerk and probably never talk to them again, yet everyday people do things unthinkingly that increase global warming and help destroy the polar bear's habitat.  

At the moment, Polar Bears International are running a campaign for people to stop idling their car unnecessarily (ie. more than 10 seconds).  I can feel pretty smug about this because I don't have a car but I am always trying to find ways to cut back on the resources I use so that it not only helps the polar bears but the entire world - and my wallet too.  

People get all gung-ho about Earth hour.  I don't.  I don't turn my lights out or do anything special because all the hours are earth hours.  Making consistent efforts to reduce your resource usage and continuous efforts to find ways to cut back are better than doing something for an hour a year then going back to bad habits.

Wow, this post sounds a bit preachy but I think the polar bears are worth saving.*

* I think animals and insects that aren't cute are worth saving too.

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