Victoria {Things I Love}

I was going to write about my home state, Victoria, then realised I have no photos taken outside of Melbourne.  That means I've not travelled anywhere else since I got my camera about 5-6 years ago.  

Still Melbourne's a pretty sweet place to live.  Sure the weather is erratic and the public transport is weird but it's an easy-going city with great food.  In this city, we take our coffee very seriously too.

Other awesome places in Victoria  (although I haven't been to them in ages):

Daylesford - a very quaint little spa town.  It seems like every house in town is a B&B with spa facilities but the best place to go is the main spa in town.  I've got an awesome table I bought there (actually my friends bought on my heavy recommendation then bought it off them when they decided it was too small).  It's a bit hippy and very gay-friendly.

Apollo Bay - I think this beachside town has got a bit upmarket since I last went there but it's got great beaches and it's relaxed.  The last time I went there was to do a fun run.  My friend and I were in the pub, putting bets on at the TAB, and realised the run was about to start and had to take off down the street to the start line!

Phillip Island - it's got fairy penguins, it's got beaches, it's got awesome wineries.  What more do you want?

Indented Head - how can you resist a place with a name like that? There is a winery near there that has the best wine and a restaurant with totally awesome cheese platters plus amazing views over the bay to the city.  I really have to go back there.

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